When will Artificial Intelligence Exceed over Human Performance?

With everyday passing, Artificial Intelligence as a concept is getting stronger. In fact, the rise of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is at a very higher pace than what we have seen for other advancements. The promise that every big giant technology based company has been doing for a while is the AI based solutions are going to perform better than human. Right or wrong, but everyone at the back of their head does agree with it.

In the same strike, we tried to identify the right time where artificial intelligence is predicted to take over human intelligence. We went through many fold of research papers, magazines and what not. Here is what we could find:

Katja Grace at the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford along with a few colleagues have depicted a great graph. They surveyed, identified multiple resources and came to figures in different field where artificial intelligence is going to take over human by year.

Artificial Intelligence Takeover

Here are some interest facts which we could infer from it :

  • Machines will be able to sell products way before they will start doing surgeries.
  • Machines will write best-seller books/magazine/articles before they get equipped with math based research.
  • Machines will drive truck way before doing an AI research.

For translations between two languages, machines are expected to take over by 2024. This looks promising as we have seen devices such Amazon Alexa who are doing it in a way even today. Machines will be able to write high-school essays on any topic on their own by 2026.

All-in all, there are many fields which are expected to get deviated from their current state in coming years. All thanks to machine learning.

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