Google Lens Visual Search App – Powerful Usage of Artificial Intelligence

Google Lens Google IO Sundar Pichai Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked-about topic these days among technologists. We have seen the top-notch companies including Google, Microsoft, Amazon and many more targeting on artificial intelligence (popularly abbreviated as AI).

While Artificial Intelligence is mostly talked about, we have not really seen much in the form of application. Especially from a common man’s perspective, there is not many applications which are utilizing artificial intelligence at visible level.

Google Lens is one such utility or set-of-vision which allows the system’s visual abilities to be enhanced. It allows your system (be it a laptop, computer or smartphone) to understand and analyse as to what is going on in a photograph, video or live feed. Showcased at Google I/O Conference 2017, this was one of the most promising setup/suite being shown by Sundar Pichai. While it may sound a little overwhelming as of now to say that everything can be understood in what is being shooted by a digital camera, it was actually showcased in the demo. The examples shown about Google Lens at conference were:

  • Point your smartphones camera on the flower. Google Lens will show you on the screen about the type of flower and other related information at real-time.
  • Aim your camera towards nearest restaurant and Google Lens will tell you the restaurant review and other information such as cuisines offered.
  • Get your camera to capture router’s setting sticker and Google Lens pick information to connect to its network by analyzing the information.

To begin with, the Google Lens based AI system is coming to Google Photos and Google Assistant.

Here is what was showcased from Google’s official account at micro-blogging site Twitter:

We have already seen similar implementations from Samsung in S8 series named Baxby but frankly, Google Lens is way more advanced and better utility than just being an assistant.

We are still to see as to what Google Lens has got to offer for developers to see if they can utilize Google Lens capabilities in their custom applications. And, we will also continue to explore as to what Google Lens has got into slot for laymen users.

Image Credit : PCWorld