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Working Capital : Complete Explanation of a Pillar Topic

working capital explanation

Working Capital is a key concept of Investment Banking which involves great interest from investors. Working Capital is a quantifiable measure of company’s growth and efficiency. When an investor or an investment firm looks to invest into another firm or organisation, working capital plays a major role. Working Capital is often used interchangeably with short-term financial health. […]

Relative Strength index (RSI) – Complete Explanation & How to use RSI for Profits

Relative Strength index (RSI) is a concept which can be considered as an artificial intelligence based index. It is a graph which is readily used in trading and investment banking. Relative Strength index (RSI) is a momentum indicator which was developed by Welles Wilder (technical analyst) long back. The index Relative Strength index (RSI) compares the magnitude […]

Bracket Trading : What is a Bracket Order (BO) and How to Execute it?

Bracket Trading is a concept in trading and investment banking world which is considered to be a broad concept in itself. Most of the stock exchanges allows Bracket Trading (We will be using Bracket Order and Bracket Trading inter-changeably as they are same). However, very few traders are actually aware about Bracket Trading and racket Order. The […]

When will Artificial Intelligence Exceed over Human Performance?

With everyday passing, Artificial Intelligence as a concept is getting stronger. In fact, the rise of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is at a very higher pace than what we have seen for other advancements. The promise that every big giant technology based company has been doing for a while is the AI based solutions are going […]

Amazon Echo : Artificial Intelligence that helps you at home

Amazon echo

It has been over a week that we have been trying to ramp up the pace. We have seen the likes of Google and IBM‘s artificial intelligence based solutions. However, they were more of a PoC (Proof of Concept) work-piece which are either under development or are still to be readily accepted in their respective […]

Predict Heart Failure Using AI and Science – An IBM Initiative

Heart Failure Prediction Artifical Intelligence IBM

Everyone is well aware about the reach, requirement and usability of Artificial Intelligence based systems where computer/machine(s) can be used to predict what human brain can not. We already talked about better result by using AI system (Read about Usage of AI in Google Lens). Since last decade or so, we have seen that health […]

Google Lens Visual Search App – Powerful Usage of Artificial Intelligence

Google Lens Google IO Sundar Pichai Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked-about topic these days among technologists. We have seen the top-notch companies including Google, Microsoft, Amazon and many more targeting on artificial intelligence (popularly abbreviated as AI). While Artificial Intelligence is mostly talked about, we have not really seen much in the form of application. Especially from a common […]