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Working Capital : Complete Explanation of a Pillar Topic

working capital explanation

Working Capital is a key concept of Investment Banking which involves great interest from investors. Working Capital is a quantifiable measure of company’s growth and efficiency. When an investor or an investment firm looks to invest into another firm or organisation, working capital plays a major role. Working Capital is often used interchangeably with short-term financial health. […]

Relative Strength index (RSI) – Complete Explanation & How to use RSI for Profits

Relative Strength index (RSI) is a concept which can be considered as an artificial intelligence based index. It is a graph which is readily used in trading and investment banking. Relative Strength index (RSI) is a momentum indicator which was developed by Welles Wilder (technical analyst) long back. The index Relative Strength index (RSI) compares the magnitude […]

Bracket Trading : What is a Bracket Order (BO) and How to Execute it?

Bracket Trading is a concept in trading and investment banking world which is considered to be a broad concept in itself. Most of the stock exchanges allows Bracket Trading (We will be using Bracket Order and Bracket Trading inter-changeably as they are same). However, very few traders are actually aware about Bracket Trading and racket Order. The […]